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Saturday, November 29, 2008



Clemson is bowl game bound!

We hung the big Clemson flag outside, the little flag inside, the Clemson quilt on Bryan's recliner, and a Clemson fleece on each couch.
Bryan was wearing his lucky shirt, hat, and his Clemson watch.
We had recorded the game so we could skip the commercials.
Are we fanatics?
We bleed orange blood.
I think Bryan may be getting to old for this kind of stress. I had to remind him several time about the house rule "NO kicking or hitting furniture" after a bad play or a bad call by the referee.
Tomorrow he will wear his orange tie to church. He does that when Clemson wins. When they loose, well we just pretend they didn't play that week.
This was a super important game.
First it was against our rivals, the University of South Carolina gamecocks.
Second if Clemson won they went to a bowl game, if they lost the season was over.
We have an interim coach, Dabo Sweeney, who is hoping to nail the job permanently. He may have after today.
In case anyone was out shopping today Clemson won 31-14.

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Fru said...

They deserved to win b/c Spurrier didn't know how to pull out a bad QB to save his life. We bleed garnet in our house but Congrats, they deserved the win!