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Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming!!!
It is only 41 days (six weeks) until Christmas.
I have started making my "To Do" lists. I am much better at making the list than I am at actually accomplishing the things on the list. I think my good intentions should count as something. But I have made a pretty good start.

Every year we give plates of cookies to friends and neighbors. Of course I can't just let it be a plain plate of cookies.I add a small ornament to the plate to dress it up and so they have something after the cookies are gone. One neighbor actually has saved the ornaments and puts them on her family tree every year.

This year I made Yo Yo angels. OK before you mind goes to "How can she possibly make an angel out of a child's toy yo yo" I'll explain. The Yo Yo is made out of a small fabric circle. I have tried these before, but they were pretty time consuming.
I found an amazing gadget at Michael's that makes it so much easier. I can turn out my yo yo so fast while I'm watching TV at night that I had a pile of the little cuties before I knew it. It takes such a tiny piece of fabric that I am able to use all my scraps that I couldn't bear to part with. I knew I was right not to throw them away. Sometimes being a Pack Rat pays off. It takes three yo yo to make an angel. So far I have made 18 angels. They are pretty cute if I do say so myself.
I also printed a card with a poem to be attached. Yes I know, I know don't know when to stop.
Yo Yo making is addictive so I'm looking for more project to use them.
Someone told me about their Grandmother making a quilt with them.
I don't think I am that ambitious. Anyway here are some pictures of my cuties.

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Fru said...

I LOVE the angels!!!!!