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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

In Memory of "Unc"

On Thursday, October 30 my Unc (Richard Tumbleson) died.
He had been on dialysis for a while, but this was so sudden and unexpected.
It caught us all by surprise. He was one of those people who you never think about losing. I know it sounds like a cliche, but he was so full of life.
Unc was an MP Sergent in the Army for twenty years.
He served in the Korean and Vietnam wars.
After the Army he drove a Krisy Cream truck for many years.
My family is addicted to Krisy Cream donuts because of him.
Unc's nickname was "Tumbleweed" probably because his last name was Tumbleson and he grew up in Texas and Oklahoma where there are lots of tumbleweeds.
Unc was married to Mama's sister, Louise so he was technically my Mama and Papa's brother-in-law but he was always just their "brother". He and Papa called each other "Bubba". Their are NO "in-laws" in our family. Family is family.
The only way to describe Unc was that he was a fun loving character.
He always had a least one new joke to tell every time he saw you.
It was usually a bit "off color" but for some reason it never seemed offensive when he told it. It was just Unc's personality.
Some how you always knew he loved you.
I know he missed Aunt Louise very much and is excited to be with her again.
She is probably giving him a hard time about taking so long to join her.

Unc, we love you and miss you.
We will be waiting to hear a whole new batch of jokes when we are all together as a family again.

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Fru said...

Well said, Sis. I love you!