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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Basically Healthy

One of my "pet peeves" is people who assume that overweight people are a ticking time bomb health wise. Regular people with this attitude are bad enough, but health care professionals are worse. Some doctors assume that everything from a hangnail to a head cold is because of your weight. I wish they would consider the possibility that my weight is maybe a result of something other that laziness. I'll be the first to admit that I am not just over weight I am what those oh so caring health care professionals call "morbidly obese." There are things that are more difficult for me, but I am Not a lazy couch potato. I do my own shopping and house work. I lead two women's groups at church, I edit and print our Sunday bulletin etc.

My only two health problems are fibromyalgia and arthritis, both of which I would have no matter what my weight.

This year I have had my yearly eye exam, my twice yearly dental check up, my mammogram and my gynecological visit and a colonoscopy. All were completely normal.

This week I had a complete physical and blood work.
My cholesterol was 174. Normal should be below 200.
My good cholesterol was high and my bad was low.
My blood sugar was 86. Normal is 65-99.
My thyroid, red and white blood cell count, calcium and everything else you can think of was great.
My doctor was impressed.

So when you see someone who is not exactly "normal" size, don't judge.
We may be more healthy than you.

OK, enough of my rant.
Everyone have a god day.


Fru said...

snaps for a healthy check up!!!! You rawk!!!!!

Lisa said...

Yes...skinny people can be squishy and unhealthy on the inside! So never judge a book by its cover! By the way...awesome stats!

Betty Graham said...

Good for you !...Like I told Wendy,,
I love my girls the way they are..

people are stupid to put "tags"on people who have more weight than they do..
Love you, mama