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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ready, Set, Cook

OK, so I usually overdo it with making a holiday meal and this year is no exception. I take a few short cuts, but most things are "made from scratch".

Sunday was clean out the fridge day. I threw out all the packets of fast food sauces etc. Why do i save those things. Next to go were the "mystery" leftovers and then anything past its expiration date. My fridge was now ready to be filled with yummy things.

Monday was shop, shop, shop. Ingredients were bought and loaded into the "Blue Goose" (For anyone who doesn't know that is the name of my mini van.) The guy who loaded my van was so careful about not squishing anything and keeping cold things together. I was feeling thankful for so many things that I tipped him. He was grateful and I felt good. Bryan unloaded the van and piled everything on the dining room table. I started to wonder why I hadn't just ordered a complete meal from K&W Cafeteria.

This is my menu:

Turkey - This is one of my cheats. We are buying a fried turkey from Bojangles which is better than worrying about the guys playing with a pot of hot boiling oil in the yard

Cornbread dressing - One of my recipes that everyone insists be made from scratch with no shortcuts.

Maccaroni and Cheese - Again my from scratch recipe

Mashed potatoes with LOTS of butter

Greenbean casserole

Sweet potatoes


Cranberry sauce

Watergate salad - I think Bryan may be the only one who likes this

Deviled eggs

Yeast rolls from scratch


Desserts: Apple pie, Pecan pie (bought from the bakery)

Today is cook, cook, cook. Anything that can be made ahead of time.

Tomorrow is a bit more coking, but mainly clean the house.

Thursday is finish cooking and watch the Macy's parade on TV.
Then most important EAT EAT EAT.
Next we check the sale ads and plan our attack strategy for Friday's shopping frenzy. Then we finish the day with a movie. This year we are going to see the new James Bond movie.

Friday is shopping.

Saturday is clean the kitchen from all the cooking etc.

Sunday is church.

Monday is collapse and recover.

OK, I have to get back to my kitchen.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone

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Fru said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Sis!!! I miss you and love you!!! And am so thankful for you!!