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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ok, contrary to some tabloid accounts, I was not abducted by aliens nor was I conferring with Stephanie Meyers on my top secret roll in the next Twilight movie.
I have been alternating between playing with my Christmas toy (More on that later) and teaching three year olds on Sundays. I have spent many years teaching Primary kids on Sundays, but for a few years now I have been leading women's groups. (just bigger kids really) Anyway it is taking me a while to get used to teaching little ones again, but I love it. Three year olds are like Mexican jumping beans they can't be still for a second. Their attention span is shorter than a gnat's. I use lots of visual aids, games, and roll playing to try to keep them somewhat under control for an hour. After which I send them back to mommy and daddy with a handout explaining what the lesson was "supposed" to be about in the hopes that their parents can get them to listen for a few minutes. I have 7 little darlings in my class; four boys and three girls. some have just barely turned three and some are almost four but will stay in my class until next January. At this age there is a wide range of development which keeps things interesting. Really though they are so sweet and I do love teaching. I come home exhausted, but by next week I'm ready to see my little Sunbeams.

Tomorrow I will share my new toy with you. Hint: Think awesome scrapbooks, cards and sooo much more.

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MonkehMama de Fru said...

I WANNA see the new toy!!!!!!