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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Newest Toy

Everyone knows I LOVE crafts, gadgets and technology. Anytime I can combine ALL three, well let's just say I am a happy crafter. That is exactly what my new toy does. I have wanted this for a very long time, but couldn't justify the price of $400 or more that it was advertised for. Now don't misunderstand. I have no problem going to Michaels every week with my 40% off coupon and buying something/anything. I mean it is wasting money not to use a 40% off coupon. After all I will eventually use all the craft supplies that threaten to take over my house. I mean I just have to live till I'm 103. I'm in Michael's so often that the people greet me by name as I enter and ask me about my latest project. I really think our local Michael's would close without my business. So I am doing my small part for the economy. OK, back to my newest toy.It is tradition in our house to check out the Thanksgiving sale ads after we have consumed enough feast food to satisfy an army of starving hyenas. This year as I was checking out the Walmart ad I saw IT! There It was for an unbelievable price of $200 at the early bird sale on the day after Thanksgiving. Now I was suffering from the most awful cold in the history of womankind, besides I already had my shopping battle plan set to the second. So unashamed child that I am, I begged my wonderful, indulgent hubby to brave the crowd of crazies to get it for me before they sold what was probably the only one they had at that price. I insisted that it was absolutely the only thing I wanted for Christmas and I had resisted the temptation to buy it at full price for a LONG time. I assured him that I could make wonderful, marvelous things for everyone we knew. So bright and early on black Friday my one and only trudged into the crowds and came home with IT. He placed it behind the couch, covered it with a blanket, and made me promise that if I dared to even peek under the blanket that it would disappear back to where it had come. I know this is hard to believe but I didn't peek, really I didn't. But I did go on line and read every thing on every web site I could find about all it's wonderful, magical possibilities. Now by now I'm sure you are imagining that I now have in my possession a machine that will end world hunger, do away with war and at the least take me back to my younger and much more slender days. I would settle for the last one. Oh dear readers, I am afraid I have built you up for a terrible disappointment, but drama queen that I am I was having just to much fun getting carried away with my writing. Alas, I have wasted too much time at the computer this lovely morning. I must get back to my dreary life and do some laundry. I promise that my next post will include pictures of my toy and what it has created. Don't you just LOVE a "cliffhanger" ending.

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MonkehMama de Fru said...

OH SNAP!!!!! What is it???!!! And can you make me stuffs with it?!!!