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Friday, February 13, 2009


My new toy is ....... drum roll please ...... a Cricut!

No silly, not a small insect. That is spelled cricket.
This is pronounced the same, but is much more fun.

A Cricut is a computerized die cut machine. Does that still not make any sense?
I will explain. It cuts shapes that can be used for scrapbooks, cards etc. I know that doesn't sound very exciting, but it does much more too. Some of the things that I have made so far are Valentine cards and gift bags. I cut a stencil and etched a glass vase. I cut fabric flowers and put them on a t shirt. I made a vinyl decal for hubby's truck. (An orange Tiger paw, of course) I made a rubber stamp of a cute turtle in the exact size I wanted. Have you heard of "Wall Words". It is a quote or saying made of vinyl placed on the wall. Very popular and pretty expensive. I can make these in any size, color and style that I want. If you want to know more go to or look for the infomercial on late night TV. Yes, I sometimes watch infomercials, but I saw the Cricut first on a craft show, then on QVC. Yes. I watch that too. You can google Cricut and utube has videos of Cricut projects. I know, this is my new obsession, but it is so much fun. Brandon and Lisa gave me a program that lets me take any font or wing ding on the internet and use it to cut. So many possibilities! If this STILL doesn't make much sense maybe some pictures will help. And yes lil sis I can and will make something for you. I already have something in mind that I think you will like. Anyway here are some pictures.

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Lisa said...

the new toy is AWESOME. Might need it to decorate our new place! see you on Sunday!