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Friday, October 10, 2008

Priceless Pottery

These museum quality ceramic art pieces are "one of a kind" creations by the soon to be world famous brother/sister team of Emma Louise Howald and Hunter Thomas Howald. While these remarkable artists are new to the medium of ceramics, their incredible talent is apparent. The use of color is unprecedented in artists so young. These pieces are priceless and can only be seen in the exclusive Howald Museum located in picturesque Gladstone,Virginia. One can only imagine what the prodigies will create next. The art world eagerly awaits.


Fru said...

I declare they have an amazing gift, inherited, no doubt, from their delightful mother and amazing grandmother.

Lisa said...

That was a totally cute write up! Now I want to go and paint some things!

Lisa said...

Hey I was tagged and now I'm tagging you...see my blog for the details.