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Friday, September 25, 2009

Making Lists

I like to make lists.
It makes me feel in control when in reality I know that I'm not.
I even make lists of my lists as you can tell from my last post.
I have made progress in my list making though.
I now have the following lists on my computer instead of in a small notebook or on random post it notes which usually gets lost.

My lists for Christmas organization are:
1. Christmas cards
2. Christmas goodies to make
3. Christmas gifts to make
4. Christmas project ideas
5. Christmas gifts to buy

So, you see, I am getting organized and ready for Christmas.
I have listed people to send card to, but not their addresses.
I have listed goodies to make,
but of course it is a bit early to start cooking.
I have listed a few projects and gifts that I want to make and
even bought some of the required materials.

Now for the amazing part.
I have actually finished two gifts.
Yes you heard me right, two gifts are completely finished.
Not only that but, another is in progress.
I know that is hard to believe, but it is true.
Now all of this craftiness is completely top secret
so I can't provide further details,
but all will be revealed in just 93 days.
Yep, that is how long until Christmas.

I will continue to give updates on how little time we have to prepare so that you can become more stressed as time gets shorter.
I however will remain calm, because after all, I have my lists.

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